pheromone projection

I gotta keep them hot from a distance with powerful pheromone attractants. I just realized that phone conversations for me are almost always about building comfort, asking questions, and c&f stuff. It seems that DHV, comfort, rapport and setting a date for the next meeting ARE THE MAIN PURPOSES of a phone call. Pheromones make women desire eyou in all sorts of interesting ways. Called London, she was out having coffee with a good friend, and they were having some soul-searching deep conversation. I nonchalantly mentioned that it’s no big deal, she can call me after she’s done, or otherwise we’ll talk soon inevitably. Learn more at and

Audible relief at her end, since she seemed anxious at having to choose between talking to me, or finishing the convo. I’m not used to that sort of empathy and honesty in women — points for her. Called Janielle, went to VM. She’s not the best with phones and typically calls back 15-20 min later. This is one of the few weekends we didn’t fuck using sex pheromones, and I’m trying to get a visit going before this weekend (I have family in town) Calling the random Euro girl that I immediately #closed after fucking up my SNL with Mollie Saturday. (Oh yeah, come to find out “Mindy’s” name is “Mollie”. I honestly had no clue what her name was. That’s pretty awesome, at a kind of immature level. Fuck it, it’s not immature. IT’S AWESOME THAT I CLOSED AN SNL NOT KNOWING THE WOMAN’S NAME. First time for that. annnnnd the novelty fades.) She knew that I possessed powerful pheromone perfumes. In saying “I’m not sure about the dynamics of…”, I realize that I’m actively limiting myself with an odd, self-fulfilling negative pheromone projection: “I haven’t done it before, so I don’t know how it works. I don’t know how it works, so I won’t do it.” ***WOW***. This is pretty deep in my mind. I’m a technical guy, so it’s worked for me in the past — I don’t blindly take tips, use code, or run commands until I understand the theory behind it. Pheromones are all that matter. In this case, THE MOST VALUABLE LEARNING SITUATION IS DOING IT, and you learn how it works by observing the effects you willed to reality. You have to TRUST others for once, and not buy into your ego’s insistence that you are the only source of ultimate truth. I’ll give it at least 2-3 tries, just on faith. I’ll try it on faith (for once). I realized that I was feeling this towards a HB7 named ‘Jen’ that I had been flirting with via pheromone messages over the course of a few weeks (she was out of town). I blew it in a few lame text IOIs and DLV, and couldn’t recover over the phone or via text. When she came back from her trip, it was awkward, a week or two pheromone oil passes. Learn more at

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